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Commonly used terms


Someone you’re doing the project for. This can be internal stakeholders, departments or external clients.


A milestone is a date during the project where a specific and significant event occurs. This can be a release date, stage gate, delivery or hand-over date etc. A project will always have at least one milestone and that is the project end date. In agile projects a milestone can also be used to define dates for releases. Releases typically happen when one or more sprints has resulted in the product having enough value to outweigh the cost to deploy it.


A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources.

Project stage

A project stage defines where the project is in it’s life-cycle and can be set from the project settings.
The possible stages are pre-defined as the following:

  1. Opportunity - A high level proposal
  2. Initiating - Authorize the work
  3. Planning - Plan the work
  4. Running - Work the plan
  5. Closing - Get ready to deliver
  6. Completed - All work is done (By default not shown in most views)
  7. Halted - Temporarily stopped (By default not shown in most views)
  8. Cancelled - Stopped before completion (By default not shown in most views)


An iteration (cycle) of work during which one or more pieces of product functionality is implemented. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Sprint planning

The Sprint planning meeting is a negotiation between the team and the product owner about what the team will do during the next sprint.


The product backlog (or "backlog") is the requirements for a system, expressed as a prioritized list of product backlog Items. These included both functional and non-functional customer requirements, as well as technical team-generated requirements.

User story (Product Backlog Item)

A product backlog item ("PBI", "backlog item", "item", "story", or "user story") is a unit of work small enough to be completed by a team in one Sprint iteration. Backlog items are decomposed into one or more tasks.


A task (or sprint task) is a unit of work generally between 4 and 16 hours. Team members volunteer for tasks. Ideally, they update the estimated number of hours remaining on a daily basis. For agile projects tasks are contained by backlog items. It's encouraged to split a task into several if the estimate exceeds 12 hours.


A person that is able to log into Forecast. This can be either a Project Manager or a Team Member.

Project Manager (PM)

A PM is a user that has special privileges in Forecast. These include the ability to create new projects, administer time for other Team Members and/or have access to the administration interface.

Team Member (TM)

A TM is a regular user that can perform any action in the system except for the above mentioned for the PM. This means creating and working on tasks, stories, milestones, clients etc.

Time report

A registration of time against a task. Time must always be registered on tasks no matter if the project is agile, Waterfall or without a project model (in this case tasks are created automatically).

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