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Deliver projects, on time,
on budget, on point!

Learn how you can plan predictable and profitable projects.

Intelligent project planning Planning projects

Forecast learns how you and your team plan and work. Straight from the get go, data from 5.000+ entirely anonymous projects helps you estimate and plan.

As you finish a project, you have the option to let your project data be part of the reference pool that helped you get started. With 100% anonymity of course.

Learn more about planning projects with Forecast (English)

Intelligent project planning
Agile and waterfall project management

Run agile and traditional projects Running projects

Technology that works for you and keeps you on top. Once your project is underway, many things can still go wrong. Timetables slip, tasks drag out, and unforseen technical challenges arise. So while you are busy helping your people, Forecast keeps track of all tasks and schedules. And alerts you if a project is off path, so that you can take action.

Learn more about running projects with Forecast (English)

Make the most of your people Empowering people

Help you people do their best work tracking time, scheduling tasks, tracking billable hours. All part of the job, right! But instead of breathing down the neck of your coders or creative talent, Forecast helps you empower your team optimize their time, and helps you deliver more profitable projects.

Learn how to empower your people with Forecast (English)

Empower your people to do their best work
See how much your people are billing

Make the most of your people Optimizing business

You want to deliver great projects. But you also know that client work is about more than beautiful award winning design, cutting edge code and awesome user experiences. You are also running a business. Forecast gives you the necessary business insights about your projects and clients to make your business, well a business.

Learn more about how Forecast helps your business (English)

Connect your existing project tools

Forecast works just like you and with the tools you already use. All existing information about your projects gets automatically synced to Forecast. Time tracking, tasks, todos, issues, and agile boards all get sucked into Forecast and made smarter.

Learn how (English)
Integrate with Jira
Integrate with Slack
Integrate with Google Drive
Integrate with Github
Integrate with Zapier
Over 10+ different apps to integrate with

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